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ExploitMe Mobile iPhone Labs – SETUP

Hi all!
In the previous post, we talked about series ExploitMe Mobile Android Labs. I think it has helped you better understand the vulnerabilities on android. If you not an Android fan, you also have an Iphone version? We will check it in this Lab series.
ExploitMe Mobile by Security Compass. This is an open source project demonstrating iPhone mobile hacking.
If you’re a developer, you can also gain some great insight on how to securely develop mobile applications and prevent common programming pitfalls in iPhone applications.

We will learn about:
-  Parameter manipulation
-  Encryption
-  Password lock screens
-  File system permissions
-  Insecure storage of files
-  Insecure logging of information

You can find all this on github.

In this lab, we will install environment as follows:
– Mac OSx 10.7.5 (You should update all sofware in you computer)
– Xcode 4.2
Update sofware in Mac OSx:

update sofware

Install Xcode complete, you can open Project of iOS you have two ways:
1. You can Open directly via Git:

open via git

open via git

Location: [email protected]:SecurityCompass/iPhoneLabs.git
Then, Xcode will ask the storage location on the disk and then will perform the necessary setup.
However, Xcode will automatically clone the branch “master” but we can use git command to switch to another branch.

  1. we can download file .zip. Then, you extract and Open with Xcode.


After you get all the source code in the Lab and I will perform to install Server for this application. In this, LabServer will act as a server for applications on the iPhone.
Run serverLab:

run serverLab

When the application is loaded, so we will see the following:

load application

Run application: Click “Run” in menu bar.

Interface application:


username/password default:

Login successfull, we must set local password lock screen .

set local password

Navigating the file system
Some Lab will ask to see the virtual machine files on your iPhone. If you use a real iOS devices, we will need to jailbreak and install ssh. Then, we can ssh and phone and view files and download them to your system.
In virtual machine, first you will have to perform to allow view hidden files on Mac OSX.
You run two command:

$defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
$killall Finder

If you usinh iPhone on emulator, it is easy to access files without jailbreaking the device. We can perform view files and folders through a graphical interface. As below:
Select folder “Library” in folder “User”


Then, you can go to path:

 ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator//Applications/Base.app



If using OSX Finder to view files that I will not see AdvanceEncryptionSolution file.
To view it, you click file and choose Show Package Content.


If you using iPhone, you can ssh into device and follow the following link to view the application’s files:


In the next post, we will talk Lab 1 – Secure Connection.

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