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How to use Getresponse? – Part 1

GetRespones is a paid service, but now when you sign up for an account you get a free 30-day trial.

After, you can continue to use it by paying a minimum fee of 15$ per month or stop using it as well.

With the current lowest package at GetResponse is 15$ per month you will not be limited to the number of emails sent. But the number of email addresses is limited to 1000 addresses, when more lists you can uplift the higher package depending on the need to use.

Now let’s get to know the details of GetResponse.

Sign up Getresponse

You first need to visit the GetResponse homepage or click the button below to sign up for an account.

At the homepage you enter your name, email address and create a password and click the button Sign up

Note: Password use least 6 characters, mix letters and numbers, mix lower and uppercase, use special characters.

Then if the message is as shown below you have registered successfully.

At this point you will need to login to the email and will receive an email asking for activation.

Then, You will be required to update your account details as shown below. Remember to enter your phone number so that GetResponse sends a confirmation code.

Next, in the popup window, you need to click Send code to get the confirmation code sent to GetResponse on your phone.

You get a 6 digit code.

Ok, you have successfully created your GetResponse account!

How to add email address to account
When you sign up for a GetResponse account, you only need to enter an email address, but you can add an email address.
To add the admin email address you just go to My Account -> Account Details

In Account Details choose From Email Address then click button Add new address

Enter the admin name and email address as shown below then click Add

You will also receive an email asking for confirmation. Click Confirm to confirm.

Create Campain email in Getresponse
To create a new email campaign, select the blue arrow, then select Create campaign

Enter name campaign.

Config and setting campaign

After successfully creating a campaign, you also need to know how to set it up and configure it as you like

To set up a campaign, just select that campaign and hit the gear icon next to it.

In each email campaign you will find three items to install.
Notifications: Receive an email every time a subscriber signs up to your list via web form, email, survey or landing page.
Postal address: Postal address will be added to the footer of your emails.

Next in the profile you can skip or install as needed. Set the title for the campaign, select the category (column), describe a few lines for the campaign, upload your logo.

Config Permission

Enable confirmed opt-in: You should tick all three items as shown below. By selecting these 3 items, you have enabled the function every time a customer subscribes to an email they will have to authenticate the email. Enabling this feature is very beneficial, because when the customer authenticates, the emails you send later will not be spam.
Confirmation message: This item you choose into the HTML, select your email address and enter a title for the email asking for confirmation. Alternatively, you can also click the Customize confirmation message button to select an existing message template.
Confirmation page: You should choose the custom URL option then enter the path of a page you want to send the client to after they confirm.

So you have the complete configuration for an email campaign.

Also, GetResponse has a function that saves you time each time you create a new campaign. That is, create a new campaign and copy the settings of an old campaign.

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