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Netattack2 – An Advanced Wireless Network Scan and Attack Script

What is netattack2?

NETATTACK 2 is a python script that scans and attacks local and wireless networks. Everything is super easy because of the GUI that makes it unnecessary to remember commands and parameters.

– Scan your network for active hosts, their operating system, open ports and way more.
– Scan for Access-Points and figure out encryption type, WPS and other useful data.
– Simple ARP Spoofing
– DNS Sniffing by ARP Spoofing the target and listening to DNS-Queries
– Kicking hosts off your internet using ARP-Spoof attack
– Send deauthentication packets to Access Points in your area (DoS)
– Deauth-All, basically does the same but it scans for networks and attacks them periodically.

How to install netattack2?

– nmap
– argparse (Python)
– scapy (Python)
– iw

Download netattack2:

git clone https://github.com/chrizator/netattack2.git

Go to folder netattack2:

cd netattack2

Run netattack2:

python netattack2.py

Run netattack2 an choose option:

In this demo, i choose option 1- Host Scan.

Next, select network interface:

Your can scan with range default or custom IP range:

Enter, netattack2 will start scan:

Result you can see host online in your network.

Video demo

Please install netattack2 to try out the rest of it. Good luck.


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