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Windows payload generation with Winpayloads


Winpayloads is a tool to provide undetectable Windows Payload Generation with extras Running on Python2.7

It provides persistence, privilege escalation, shellcode invocation and much more. The tool uses metasploits meterpreter shellcode, injects the users IP and port into the shellcode and writes a python file that executes the shellcode using ctypes. This is then AES encrypted and compiled to a Windows Executable using pyinstaller.


git clone https://github.com/nccgroup/winpayloads.git

cd winpayloads

chmod 755 setup.sh

./setup.sh will setup everything needed for Winpayloads

Start Winpayloads ./Winpayloads.py

Type ‘help’ or ‘?’ to get a detailed help page


UACBypass – PowerShellEmpire
PowerUp – PowerShellEmpire
Persistence – Adds payload persistence on reboot
Psexec Spray – Spray hashes until successful connection and psexec payload on target
Upload to local webserver – Easy deployment
Powershell stager – allows invoking payloads in memory & more

Winpayloads also comes with a few features such as uac bypass and payload persistence. These are powershell files that execute on the system when the meterpreter gets a reverse shell. The uac bypass is written by PowerShellEmpire and uses an exploit to bypass uac on local administrator accounts and creates a reverse meterpreter running as local administrator back to the attackers machine.

Winpayloads can also setup a SimpleHTTPServer to put the payload on the network to allow downloading on the target machine.



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