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Maltego tutorial for beginners

1. Introduction about Maltego

Maltego is proprietary software used for open-source intelligence and forensics, developed by Paterva. Maltego focuses on providing a library of transforms for discovery of data from open sources, and visualizing that information in a graph format, suitable for link analysis and data mining.

Maltego permits creating custom entities, allowing it to represent any type of information in addition to the basic entity types which are part of the software. The basic focus of the application is analyzing real-world relationships between people, groups, websites, domains, networks, internet infrastructure, and affiliations with online services such as Twitter and Facebook.

2. What does Maltego do ?

Maltego is a program that can be used to determine the relationships and real world links between:
– People
– Groups of people (social networks)
– Companies
– Organizations
– Web sites
– Internet infrastructure such as:
* Domains
* DNS names
* Netblocks
* IP addresses
– Phrases
– Affiliations
– Documents and files
* These entities are linked using open source intelligence.
* Maltego is easy and quick to install – it uses Java, so it runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.
* Maltego provides you with a graphical interface that makes seeing these relationships instant and accurate – making it possible to see hidden connections.
* Using the graphical user interface (GUI) you can see relationships easily – even if they are three or four degrees of separation away.
* Maltego is unique because it uses a powerful, flexible framework that makes customizing possible. As such, Maltego can be adapted to your own, unique requirements.

3. Examples about the feature of Maltego

In this post , I don’t explain exactly steps you have to do , just a overview things you can do with Maltego and some advices and links maybe you need to know more.

– Create a visualizing data :

Press Ctrl + T or click plus on top left window to create new Graph
Drag , drop entities int the left navigation you need to present into the graph, there are many kind of entities then create relationships between entities , modify default information of entities
Example I created a graph about a target I choosed.

– Collection infomation with Maltego machine

In tab Machine you have a option Run Machine , many level collection you can choose , example only collect email of target or both email and information DNS , etc
In example , I choosed L3 and a part of result as you can see below, I feel amazed , many infomation about target was visualization with many kind of views.

– Social networks

It is amazing function but It only has in XL version not in FREE version , you need pay fee to using this function. Watch http://mtg-bi.com/ to more detail .

I think that good enough to start , read more article if you want to know more about Maltego. Thanks to reading blog !!!!



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