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MEMCRASHED- Memcached DDoS Exploit Tool

What is memcrashed?

Memcrashed is a Memcached DDoS exploit tool written in Python that allows you to send forged UDP packets to a list of Memcached servers obtained from Shodan.

This is related to the recent record-breaking Memcached DDoS attacks that are likely to plague 2018 with over 100,000 vulnerable Memcached servers showing up in Shodan.

Requirements for Memcrashed Memcached DDoS Exploit Tool

The only thing you need installed is Python 3.x

apt-get install python3

You also require to have Scapy and Shodan modules installed

pip3 install scapy-python3

pip3 install shodan

Using Shodan API
This tool requires you to own an upgraded Shodan API.
You may obtain one for free in Shodan if you sign up using a .edu email

Run tool:

Reference: Github.com

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